The Freudian Slip Club aims to uphold the general atmosphere experienced in the famed Cabarets of early 20th Century Berlin, while applauding the fresh energy and talent that refuses to stop flowing into this powerfully malleable city.

Sunday Slips is known for it’s offbeat vibe, welcoming spirit and spontaneity. Our audience is comprised of veritable mix of people whose lifestyles do not customarily mingle with each other – and we love that!  We attract curious audience members; the strange, the expressive, the unafraid. Oddities are our specialty and not only are we proud of it, but have built a wildly appreciated avenue for creativity of all types.

Freudian Slip Club’s main venue Sunday Slips combines comedy, music, poetry, performance, dance and other nocturnal arts on the stage of their weekly Varieté show at Lagari in Neukölln. The FSC also conducts and hosts various shows in venues across Berlin such as Big Daddy T’s Cabaret, the David Bowie Tribute show at Lido, and Fantastic News Flash. Other regular events include I am Dynamite, a feminist talent showcase; Shameless, a comedy evening in Leipzig; and I Loop You, an improvised pow wow where loops and live music meet. 

In addition, core members of the Freudian Slip Club offer insightful coaching, workshops, gallery shows and individual training to artists of all kinds looking to get their foot in the door of Berlin’s creative scene.